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30 Apr 2010

HEAVEN [Track Premiere]

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Tan Dollar sent me over an extra track with their exclusive to my Mixtapes For Haiti project (which has only 21 more days by the way), It’s called Heaven. In this song, you can enjoy everything that is Tan Dollar. The upbeat drumming and slight surf vibe gives this song a cool summer feel.

Tan Dollar: Heaven

29 Apr 2010

CHUCK PUS PHOTOS: April 16th at Mars Gas Chamber

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My Macs’ logic board went, so these photos have been getting delayed from posting for some time now.

Brian Chippendale never ceases to amaze me with his talent. He is the drummer for Lightning Bolt, a popular noise rock band from Providence, RI. His solo project is known as Black Pus, but on the night of April 16th, we experienced Chuck Pus, an improvisational, unrehearsed set with Chuck Bettis, who provided vocals through a microphone and used his computer to generate sounds with the aid of a sampler. The few of us that were there witnessed what I think we all hope to be a collaboration between the two in the future, and saw not just one set, but two Chuck Pus sets during this night. The awe displayed by my fellow audience members was obvious through body language, and no words were needed to describe what we had seen.

There’s an aesthetic of beauty that can be associated with Brian’s tribal drumming, and this show was the first time I was able to stand in front of his drum set without having to hold onto something or worry about losing my glasses and/or shoes. I was able to see, first hand, the extremely fast rate that he can drum, a rate that almost seems immeasurable even with the use of modern physics. I was no doubt mesmerized by this speed. At the same time, the preciseness of each hit of each drum on his drum set while multitasking with his slew of pedals only added to presenting this pulchritude.

Chuck Bettis performed the computer aided sounds and vocals for the set, and I really enjoyed this spin off. The sounds emitted from his computer created a very natural and earthly sounding atmosphere, which seemed fitting for the fast tribal drumming that Brian has honed. While watching the set, I couldn’t help imagining what it would be like to see them play rehearsed songs. The coordination of both types of sounds and aptitudes of Bettis and Chippendale would surely have interesting results.

26 Apr 2010


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Dash Jacket is lo-fi surf with mostly fast-paced songs that are possibly due to some punk influences and it’s sure to bring you some nostalgia of the summer. San Pedro and Melting Glaze are two tracks off of their High Spirits Cassette which will be released through UV Recordings. It’s a limited release, there will be 100 on light blue tapes. If you live on the west coast, try to catch them with Weed Diamond and Tan Dollar this summer.

Dash Jacket: Melting Glaze

Dash Jacket: San Pedro