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31 May 2010


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I have personally been kind of disappointed lately with music, I feel as though there are too many artists trying to ‘do’ what has already been done. Most notably, the revert back to nostalgia. I can only take so much, I mean, I do own older records.

I like and respect Prince Rama because of their unique sound. The tribal drumming, heavenly vocal wails, and progressive synths equates to a sound that can only be Prince Rama. Their southeast asian influence may come most notably from being raised on a Hare Krishna commune in Florida, the mystical and ethereal vibes felt while listening really does feel supernatural.

Their newest record, Shadow Temple drops September 14th on Paw Tracks, so yes, this album was recorded with the help of Animal Collective members Avey Tare and Deakin, and in Kurt Vonneguts’ grandsons’ cabin and a 135 year-old haunted church no less.

You can hear Thunderdrums from this LP on my charity compilation, which will be available to purchase for only one more week.

22 May 2010

MIXTAPES FOR HAITI [tracklist/info]

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It is my utmost pleasure to announce that my charity project for Haiti has been funded through my Kickstarter page, raising a pretty sweet $545. If you would still like to get yourself a Salad Fork compilation with most proceeds going to Haiti, you can purchase one here. I am estimating that people will start receiving their tapes in the mail in late June/early July. Digital downloads I will send out soon, so you can still enjoy the tunes while you wait for your physical copy.


Speculator: Stay Cool

Rene: Pet Cemetary

Cloud Nothings: Even In The Summer

Mount McKinley: Backslide

Weekend: All-American

Prince Rama: Thunderdrums

Sunnybrook: Swedish Kids

Craft Spells: From The Morning Heat

PPALM: All I Need

Memory Tapes: Peter

Tan Dollar: Fell Out

Nate Grace: DWLDWD (demo)

RxRy: Prestina Mewloh

Twin Sister: Ginger (JAB)

Woodsman: I Can’t Move

Memoryhouse: Lately (Troisieme)

18 May 2010


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Johnny still vibin’ deep from Portugal with some new SANDSTEP tracks. The woozy guitar riffs in Eyjafjallajökull give a lot of depth to the track and present a super dark mood, while Hula Dreams // Gray May is more laid back, think pina coolada sunsets on tropical beaches. Both tracks are reminiscent of some of his older stuff which can be found here.

SBBD: Hula Dreams // Gray May

SBBD: Eyjafjallajökull