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27 Oct 2010


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Gabby hit me up and sent me this new track titled BigBizi, apparently he’s been busy uploading his tracks to his new Youtube account. Gabby is Rene Netherlands, the sampler psych pop king from Massachusetts with ten digital albums under his belt. BigBizi is a teaser from his upcoming digital download, it’s a nearly ten-minute long tranced out banger skating around ambient sounds.


Also included are a couple of my favorite Renedawg tracks, KimChee Soup, which is off of his digital album Yolanda, and Buffalo Pizza which is off of Ivy League.

KimChee Soup:

Buffalo Pizza:


27 Oct 2010


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Somewhere lost in time are Wolfman Jacks’ radio recordings from the early 1960s, and riding the same wavelengths are Outer Limits Recordings, creating retro ballads surrounded by in-between radio station static.

Sugar Pie is a track that dances around drive-in fast food and diners, it defines the rich colors and diner food that mineswhile be candy.

You can stream their upcoming singles on a Soundcloud set here, and pick them up phsyically in the form of two different 7”s from Old English Spelling Bee. If you really dig this be sure to pick up the package containing a super-limited Outer Limits CD-R limited to 40 copies. It comes with the “Foxy Baby” LP released on No Not Fun, too.

Outer Limits Recordings: Sugar Pie


American Graffiti Featuring Wolfman Jack @ Yahoo! Video

“I’m looking for this girl”.

“Aren’t We All”?

26 Oct 2010


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Marissa Nadler is a musical architect, her heavenly voice lies down the foundation of a dreamscape, and her beautifully written instrumentals create buildings upon this dreamscape, which span across an infinite realm.

Marissa is attempting to record a new album without the help of a label, and is raising money through Kickstarter. You can help her out by simply pledging ten dollars or more.

Daisy, Where Did You Go is a track off of this upcoming record, a heart-wrenching venture into the vivid emotions Marissa creates visually with her music.

If you haven’t purchased her limited handmade 17-track covers CD yet, do so here, they might not last for much longer.

Marissa Nadler: Daisy Where Did You Go