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30 Nov 2010


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“Bones-a bare skeleton-by all accounts, that should have been impossible. Little or nothing lived this far down in the ocean, the experts said. But there he was, and there was something else in those photographs. Tiny, carnivorous worms wiggled around the body where they had already eaten bit by horrific bit. No one who saw the Soviet boy-submariner could forget him, not anyone who saw the 22,000 photographs Halibut brought home on September 9th, 1968.”

- Blind Man’s Bluff: The Untold Story of American Submarine Espionage, by Sherry Sontag, Christopher Drew, and Annette Lawrence Drew

Food Pyramid’s new tape titled II transcends the aesthetic of experimental, cutting-edge science used to explore the depths in the early days of undersea technology. Food Pyramid uses drawn-out melody lines with a more spirited handling of the repeater and delay dials to create their electronic-driven psychedelia, such as the submarine technicians manipulated their sonar and other devices that surrounded them in the Halibut’s Bat Cave. Get it from Moon Glyph, in an edition of 150.

Food Pyramid: Cloudscape


By Louis

27 Nov 2010


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Lea and I have been posting about Speculator non-stop the last few weeks it seems-he’s recently created an Angelfire hosted website where you get the latest Speculator news, downloads, and purchase most of his tapes. Below is a download to his newest and longest tape, “Lifestyle”, a C42 journey into the mind of the skullgazing tape king from Los Angeles.

“The last vile of ooze! He must have drank all of it! It’s a SUPER SHREDDER!”

Speculator: Lifestyle (Sides A & B)


By Louis

25 Nov 2010


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photo: Juampi Bonino

When I’m in love, I always spin my body ten times before the sun sets.

The amazing New York label Golf Channel Recordings has just released Gala Drop’s new 4 song 12” EP Overcoat Heat. The band demonstrates a cool, colorful rhythm with a sensible laid-back instrumental pop vibe. Above is the new video for the song Drop, spontaneously created by Antonio Contado. Portugal’s
Gala Drop has also recently reissued their self-titled debut LP on gatefold vinyl, which can be purchased here.

The band was invited by Panda Bear to open his show at Governors Island on September 11th, 2010 and they will be touring Europe next April 2011. Be sure to catch them.

Gala Drop – Drop

By Lea Mandana