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29 Dec 2010


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To celebrate the end of 2010, Ian has sent me photos he took at shows from this last year. You can see more of these at his tumblr, and below are a few selections. I have also included a few film photos I took of the Smith Westerns, Sweet Bulbs and Total Slacker from the Pelly Twins & Todd P. Halloween Party. I was never into those year-end lists, so these photos are a representation of some of Ian and I’s favorite artists from 2010. These photos are a reminder of the times spent with friends, the awesome vibes and the great music heard live, which I believe is better than any year-end list could hope to be. The above picture was taken while Ian and I were waiting for the J in Brooklyn after a Vibes Management party. We don’t know who that guy is, and he isn’t dead or anything, he was more like ‘partied out’. I needed to pee extremely bad, and we had to wait almost a half-hour for the train to come. It was one of the longest half-hours I have ever endured, but Bagelsmith made up for it on the way back to Ian’s place.

Ian and Alaina, aboard the Swift Ranger for the Take Me Somewhere music video

Alaina from Tennis

Patrick from Tennis

Morning Benders

Andrea from Twin Sister



Luke Perry

All aboard with Real Estate


Idiot Glee



How To Dress Well

Tucker from Total Slacker

A Smith Western

Sweet Bulbs

By: Louis

21 Dec 2010


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My Games EP recently came in the mail after a fairly long wait, however well worth it. I played Side B first, which opens with one of my favorite tracks of theirs called Shadows In Bloom only to be followed by what I now know is a remix of CFCF’s It Was Never Meant To Be This Way. Completely stunned by how amazing this track sounded on wax I stood there in awe not realizing my roommate was asking me to go to the bar. I recently stumbled upon a piano version of this same song thanks to Coco’s OCD, and I sit here at one of my favorite coffee shops on this snowy day contemplating how the same song sounds so radically different yet equally as amazing. I highly recommend picking CFCF’s 12” EP from RVNG Intl. Below is a stunning black and white video featuring a contemporary aesthetic.

CFCF - It Was Never Meant To Be This Way (Piano Version) from RVNG Intl. on Vimeo.

CFCF: It Was Never Meant To Be This Way (GAMES Remix)
CFCF: It Was Never Meant To Be This Way (Piano Version)

By: Louis
21 Dec 2010


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Daytime Television is a purveyor of lo-fi dub and electronica, an interesting enough meld to make a first listen all you need to get hooked and reeled in. Psychedelia and infectious samples surround the fuzz of Daytime Television’s low fidelity recordings, thus creating vibes of epic proportions. Be sure to download the whole EP here.

Thanks Friendship Bracelet

Daytime Television//I Hurt So Much from krysta sa on Vimeo.

Daytime Television: I Hurt So Much
Daytime Television: Click Here

By: Louis