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  • August 23, 2010 1:25 pm


    I have been working diligently during this month of August to put together a new charity compilation to help combat world hunger. I have handmade eleven CD packages, each unique and personalized for each person who purchases one. It is free for everyone to download, and most of the proceeds from the physical purchases will go to Action Against Hunger. Each compilation features a different apostle, with the first package featuring ‘Jesus’ himself. This is meant to signify Jesus and his apostles, obviously. I did not choose to do this for religious purposes, but only to highlight the significance of the limited release. This compilation is meant to celebrate the art of the compilation as well as limited releases, and all for a good cause. I have also been fortunate to have Justin Vallestros of Craft Spells create the digital art for this compilation, as pictured above. The first CD is all track premieres/exclusives, and the second is some of my favorite tracks from the last quarter.

    CD 1

    CL Sosa: Good Things (Never Last)
    Elite Athlete: Moving Set
    Spells: King Shivers (Live)
    Fluffy Kittens: Concentration Is Good Except In Camps
    Omnivore: Take It All
    Craft Spells & Emily Reo: Love Well Spent
    Port City: Colours
    XO Kid: Unhappy Sex Addict In The Old West
    Wools: Sing (Blur cover)
    Mainslide: Pizzicato
    Megafortress: Police Elevator
    Fossil Cities: Running Man
    Quit: 9/11 Responders Bill
    Green Gerry: Eyesssss


    CD 2

    Yung Life: Patient Love
    Birthdays: JNCO Genius
    Rabbit Punch: Munchie Dreadlock
    Port City: Feel It Out (mastered version)
    SBBD: Layered Dust
    Sunnybrook: The Way You Know Me
    Tennis: Marathon
    Our Husband: Villages
    Michael Parallax: Rainy Vacation
    Gem Trails: Old Kid


    Craft Spells & Emily Reo: Love Well Spent by SaladFork

    This Craft Spells/Emily Reo duet is a pure gem. When Justin and Emily first became friends on Facebook, I knew this could only result in something great. Justin has recently signed to prominent indie label Captured Tracks, and has two 7”s and an LP in the works. Emily has contributed to a new Truman Peyote track that will be on a split with her fellow Floridians Attached Hands, dropping soon on Post Records, which you can stream and download here.

    Omnivore: Take it All by SaladFork

    Omnivore is Glenna Van Nostrand. She attended school at MASS Art in Boston, and now resides in Providence, RI where she preforms many local shows of her unique, and mesmerizing set of A Capella through a very old radio. The track contributed to this compilation is a bit different than her older material, she recently acquired a sampler and this track has her soothing vocals layered over simple, driving electronic sounds.

    CL Sosa - Good things (Never last) [Prod. by Stewrat] by SaladFork

    I have very recently had the pleasure of receiving an email from New Jersey based indie rapper CL Sosa, and I have been hooked ever since. The vocal sample presented at the beginning of Good Things (Never Last) is irresistible, his flow is unreal, and at 1:11 the track changes gears and breaks out into a drum solo, soon reverting back to the vocal sample until the track ends.


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