11 Jul 2011


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Miss Lea Mandana recently turned me onto Girls On Film, it’s a blog that puts together issuu’s of film portraits of girls. There are some really beautiful photos in this zine (including one by Lea herself), I suggest you check it out while listening to this new Porcelain Raft track to score your viewing.

Open publication – Free publishing – More camera

Porcelain Raft: A Dream I Had


25 Nov 2010


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photo: Juampi Bonino

When I’m in love, I always spin my body ten times before the sun sets.

The amazing New York label Golf Channel Recordings has just released Gala Drop’s new 4 song 12” EP Overcoat Heat. The band demonstrates a cool, colorful rhythm with a sensible laid-back instrumental pop vibe. Above is the new video for the song Drop, spontaneously created by Antonio Contado. Portugal’s
Gala Drop has also recently reissued their self-titled debut LP on gatefold vinyl, which can be purchased here.

The band was invited by Panda Bear to open his show at Governors Island on September 11th, 2010 and they will be touring Europe next April 2011. Be sure to catch them.

Gala Drop – Drop

By Lea Mandana

25 Nov 2010


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photo: Stefany Alves

Not too long ago Rachel and I had a Twitter DJ set which you can see here. Below is the playlist of the songs, enjoy. =^.^=

1. The Beach Boys – Do You Wanna Dance? (Capitol Records, 1965)

2. Brian Jonestown Massacre – (David Bowie I Love You) Since I Was Six (BOMP!, 1996)

3. David Bowie – Rebel Rebel (RCA Victor, 1974)

4. Duane Eddy – Rebel Rouser (London Records, 1958)

5. The Ventures – Walk Don’t Run (Dolton Records, 1960)

6. The Tornadoes – Bustin’ Surfboard (Aertaun, 1962)

7. The Lively Ones – Bustin’ Surfboard (Del-Fi Records, 1963)

8. The Beach Boys – God Only Knows (Capitol Records, 1966)

This is the new video made by the incredibly talented Lluís Panadés Julià for Kiss Kiss Fantastic, the dreamy music project of Jeremy and the adorable Rachel Levy. Mixing astral synth and funk-inspired beats, their newest material coming off a split with Coma Cinema through AMDISCS. They also have a free EP out on Bandcamp which you can download here.

And again, happy birthday Rachel.

Kiss Kiss Fantastic – Oh Carolina!

Kiss kiss Fantastic – Sad Little Rocks

By Lea Mandana and Louis

24 Nov 2010


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photo: Jonathan Leder

When you sit beside me, I always lose all my ways.

The next time, kiss me because I think that I’ve forgotten the instructions.

Tommyboy recently sent by his new video for the electronic duo from Houston called //Tense//.

The band focuses on creating dark and hypnotic industrial synth. Their aesthetic reminds me of Gatekeeper with their style of music and retro visuals.

The Chain is the b-side of //Tense//’s 7-inch on NYC clothing line Mishka’s blossoming record label.
It’s a limited pressing of only 300 copies, 200 on black and 100 on red, which you can get here .

Tommyboy also runs a blog called aware.fm, be sure to check it out.

By Lea Mandana

23 Nov 2010


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I’m the kind of girl who likes:

blaring 90’s pop music, Japanese magazines, mini fashion show with no audience, Polaroid film, sand in the bed, rock pool exploring, meeting strangers, playing piano all night in the wild forest, cream cheese and cucumber sandwiches, coyote in the hills, Indian feathers, sleeping on trampolines, blow up pool toys (shark preferably), buying too much clothes, fancy dinners, fake music videos, making up songs, friendship bracelets, finding constellations, road trips along the coast, shoegazing, castles, mountains and romance.

But what I like the most is you.

This is the new video made by Magic Chill for Vancouver garage-pop band Shimmering Stars. Let It Be Me is definitely the perfect song for inviting the person you are secretly in love with at the prom night ball.

Cassette lovers can also get a very limited edition release with extra tracks on the very sweet label Trivial Pursuit.

Shimmering Stars – Let It Be Me

By Lea Mandana

23 Nov 2010


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photo: Gregory Crewdson

Anywhere out of the world. I am bathing in an old dream.

Nervous system, complicated dreams. I slowly pull my black nails.

It was at the bottom of a sunken garden, a sort of gaging Sleeping Wood.

I had a hole in my side and my blood was sweating over a hysterical flower parterre.

Our tongues are untied, and I argued.

The idea of couple, I think it’s quite terrifying.

This is the new video for Speculator’s hypnotic and transcendent track Pure Ecstasy by Samantha Cornwell. The Speculator duo recently released their newest cassette called Lifestyle on matthewdavid’s Leaving Records, which you can purchase here.

Speculator – Pure Ecstasy

Check out my previous post about matthewdavid and Speculator on my beloved Delicious Scopitone, and this live session of Speculator playing a song from this tape posted here on Salad Fork not too long ago.

By Lea Mandana