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  • November 3, 2010 1:37 pm


    photo: John William Waterhouse, The Lady of Shallot (1888)

    I’ve had the pleasure of getting to know Lea Mandana the past few months, and have come to learn that she is a pretty sweet, and funny girl. I met her in Brooklyn this past summer, feeling fortunate in doing so-I never thought I’d meet someone from my favorite European-based blog, Delicious Scopitone.

    In this post, her grace is blessing Salad Fork in the form of words describing the music of Pigeons. We have collaborated before, but this one is all hers.

    Lea Mandana says:

    Cette nuit là, je me suis retrouvée complètement perdue sur l’autoroute du crépuscule.
    Des lumières filaient vers nulle part, mes ongles sont devenus tout noirs.
    Le ciel s’est soudain pris dans le sol.
    L’autoroute du crépuscule, elle ne finit jamais.

    Un long silence.

    La cuisine. Je me souviens.
    Nos premiers sourires et notre baiser qui allait être assassiné.

    J’ai touché l’horizon et t’ai toujours aimé en secret.

    Et puis, le cheval s’est échappé, le roman est resté inachevé.
    J’étais la fille qui t’avait dit Pour toujours.

    That night, I found myself completely lost on the Sunset Highway.
    Lights spun to nowhere, my nails became all black.
    The sky was suddenly caught in the ground.
    Sunset Highway never ends.

    A long silence.

    The kitchen. I remember.
    Our first smiles and our kiss which would be assassinated.

    I touched the horizon and have always loved you in secret.

    And then, the horse has escaped, the novel remained unfinished.
    I was the girl who told you Forever.

    photo: Visions of the Valley 7”

    Bronx, NY sweetheart duo Pigeons are about to drop their third LP, Liasons, which draws them closer to a haunting pop sound. Liasons is being released soon after their recent LP (Si Faustine) and 7” (Hearts) for Olde English Spelling Bee, and lands in stores on November 16th through Soft Abuse.

    Wednesday Knudsen and Clark Griffin lace their dreamy songs with drum machines, bedroom echoes, languid guitar lines and saxophones. The album also includes two songs in French, one of is a brilliant take on the song by Serge Gainsbourg titled Laisse Tomber les Filles. Enjoy!

    Pigeons - Race
    Pigeons - Laisse Tomber Les Filles

    Additionally, Pigeons have just issued Visions of the Valley, a limited two song single that features their newest recorded material. Highly recommended.

    Pigeons - The Postcard
    Pigeons - Sunset Park

    The band embarks on their first-ever tour of the US, in support of Fabulous Diamonds. Be sure to catch their show with White Lightning Warehouse and Wet Hair tomorrow night in Iowa City!

    Check out my previous posts about Pigeons on my beloved Delicious Scopitone:

    Pigeons - Interview
    Video Premiere: Pigeons - Paradise

    Thanks Chris (Soft Abuse) and Louis (Salad Fork), for making my dream of a guest post come true!