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  • November 1, 2010 8:36 am


    Porcelain Raft crafts music composed of subtle shoegaze and dream pop, in turn creating the nostalgia that comes with memories in a musical form. I first heard about Porcelain Raft through the now unfortunately defunct Delicious Scopitone with their amazingly beautiful track See Through , in which I took the opportunity to discuss time as it relates to theoretical physics. The track Tip Of Your Tongue is off of a 7” dropping on Acephale Records November 8th, the first 150 on clear sand-splatter vinyl.

    Here’s to you, DS, we’ll miss you.

    Porcelain Raft - Tip of Your Tongue from MAGIC CHILL on Vimeo.

    Porcelain Raft: Tip Of Your Tongue


  • September 12, 2010 7:58 pm


    The idea of time is something I have been fascinated with for quite a while. I believe most people consider time to be a unit of measure, only as a reference to organize their lives. To me, the concept of time is much larger than just the association given with measure. I came to this conclusion in a dream one night a long time ago, I was expressing the limit as ‘n’ travels to infinity of 1/n. Simple calculus will tell you that evaluating the limit of such a problem will render an answer of infinity, because in infinity’s mass, even dividing it will still give you infinity.

    I came to conclude in this dream that time should not be looked upon as a measurable object but instead, an immeasurable one, much like infinity.

    You may ask, “How can this be so? In about one billion years, our earth will be uninhabitable for humans due to the suns’ heat, and everyone on the earth will cease existence”.

    First of all, time cannot be limited to just our galaxy, for it has been reasoned that the Milky Way Galaxy is not the only galaxy in the universe. Where life ends in one place it may be alive in another, and the idea of time should be applied to that of not only humans, but to the stars, too. Much like humans, stars are born and eventually die. The average star begin their life as a nebulae, and end as a black dwarf. Stars, although not considered a biological organism, still model the idea of life, death, and time. The end result proves time to be immeasurable.

    Waking up from this dream, I must admit a song similar to that of Porcelain Rafts’ dreamy track See Through would illustrate this moment of wake with an immense resemblance. Musically, the sound of this track reminds me of a wind-up snow globes, presenting the idea of ‘getting lost in another place’. This track has beautiful, swirling vocal melodies which will make you feel lost in a dream of endless time. Below, enjoy a track and video, curated by my great friends at Delicious Scopitone.

    Porcelain Raft - See Through from Delicious Scopitone on Vimeo.

    Porcelain Raft: See Through