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  • November 3, 2010 7:46 am


    The Smith Westerns are becoming legends around the Brooklyn DIY scene, it seems as though every show they try and play is broken up the police. I attended a show curated by Todd P. and The Pelly Twins this weekend, where this was unfortunately the case (read about it here). The police approached the stage with their flashlights, only to hear Cullen Omori say “AGAIN!?” while in the middle of preforming their fifth song.

    Their new track Weekend is a foray into brit-pop and scraps the super fuzziness that surrounded their last album. I’ve also been told that their labelmates Tennis have listened to the album, and have been assured that it is very good.

    Smith Westerns - Weekend by forcefieldpr


  • September 16, 2010 9:42 am


    It’s quite apparent that I enamor photography, as I have made the art form a part of every post I make on Salad Fork. Below, is a video of a Ryan McGinley directed video of Girls and the Smith Westerns at the Pitchfork music festival. It’d be hard for me not to make this one-off post as both of my worlds seem to collide in this one video.

    Here’s what Ryan had to say:

    “Smith Westerns and Girls are two of my favorite bands right now. I first saw Smith Westerns play at this restaurant in a weird little mall in Chinatown, and there were only about five people there. I liked how their hair was always covering their eyes and you could barely see their faces. They were so cute; it was almost like watching a high school band. Smith Westerns went on tour with a band called Girls who I immediately fell in love with, so much so that I sent the singer-songwriter Chris Owens my last photography book along with a fan letter. They covered their entire stage with flowers––I loved that. Their song “Solitude” speaks to me more than any other song I can think of right now. I caught up with both bands at the Pitchfork festival to document their performances and be a fly on the wall the whole weekend. That’s pretty much my idea of a perfect vacation. And it was.”

    Also check out his interview with Girls’ Chris Owens here


    Girls: Hellhole Ratrace [video]