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27 Feb 2010


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Jheri Evans from Get Off The Coast has been blogging about the mysterious RxRy for quite a while now, and fans of Brain Enos’ Ambient 1-Music For Airports will have a field day with all of the free downloads avaliable on RxRys’ myspace. There was quite a bit of speculation that RxRy was Panda Bear (of AnCo fame), but I have been assured by a credible source that ‘I will never guess who it is’. If you want to hear some ‘modern eno’ I would definitely give RxRy a peep.

Edvrd Rvrfy Guitr – RxRy – RxRy 2010 from Rx Ry on Vimeo.

27 Feb 2010

Sun Trails

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New video from Craft Spells, promoting their forthcoming EP.

This clip is Anna Karina dancing in Jean-Luc Godards’ film, “Vivre Sa Vie”.

26 Feb 2010

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A beautiful video for Bonfire, the B-side to Memoryhouses’ upcoming 7”, To The Lighthouse available March 2nd, which you can preorder here