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02 Jul 2012


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Mount Pleasant‘s 15-track LP “True Other” blatantly pulls from various influences which gives the record a lack of direction in respect to a particular sound. While some may feel this is distasteful, it is what gravitates me toward the record. When I listen to “True Other”, I’m thinking mount pleasant went “we don’t give a fuck, let’s record this record and have fun” – which is totally rad.

Until today, I never thought I would’ve heard 90s alt rock, ambience, and house all on the same record. You can download the record in full here, below are a few selections:

Mount Pleasant: My Girl

Mount Pleasant: Way Too Long

Mount Pleasant: Here Knows When

Mount Pleasant: Lakers

Mount Pleasant: Ohio



15 Jun 2012


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I’m really into’s new +1 series, which is essentially a short interview with an artist and shows the artist playing some of their music live.

I only recently found out that araabmuzick is from the city I grew up in and I think it’s really cool that he’s playing in front of huge crowds of people that are clearly really into his tunes. Providence doesn’t have a huge electronic scene, but I’ve always got an impression that the hip-hop scene is kind of “the thing” here but I’ve been too lazy to follow up on it.

I also thought this +1 with Zola Jesus was cherry. I like museum venues for the same reason she stated in the video, and enjoyed hearing her songs played with a live string ensamble. I wonder where nika purchased her cool light-up outfit, it’s very unique. I like her hair. She looks like a girl that I married in a dream I had recently.

I’m really into Lotus Plaza’s new LP. Side B is killer.

I recently wrote a post about not seeing nico jarr in providence. At least I have this +1 video to have a taste of what it would’ve been like. This excerpt from his 5 hour set is really fucking good. Just as a side note – let’s not forget the extended performances grouper and jefre cantu-ledesma have been up to this past year. Will this become a thing? I don’t think I could handle a performance over 3 hours unless there was free pizza and lime gatorade.

28 May 2012


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Here is a youtube playlist I made of music I like to hear when I’m at the club. I go to the club a lot, so I feel as though I have a relatively good idea of what pop music is “hot” right now. For those of you who follow my friend liz pelly on twitter, you may have viewed a partial list of this playlist a couple of nights ago.