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31 Jan 2011


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It’s been a very long time since I first posted about DOM, actually it was a little over a year ago this month. Since then he’s been playing lots of shows, interviewing with Pitchfork, and collaborating with indie pop pair Cults. Dom and his crew recently recorded a Daytrotter session that sounds exceptional, download the full session at Daytrotter and grab a couple of these irresistible pop jams below, I’ve been listening to Beth all day and it has yet to wear out my ears.

Dom: Beth

Dom: Rude As Jude

30 Jan 2011


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I don’t think I’ve ever known a musician to curate as many projects or be in as many bands as Zak Mering. Gunk TV Records is Zak’s label and the plan is that it’ll be used to support his friends projects, the ones he collaborates on, and some of his own, the full list and some minor details can be found at the blogspot. Also included below is a video for a track off of OLR‘s Windings Sampler, which I own physically, it came as a bonus CD with the package I ordered from OESB containing a couple of OLR 7″s and their Foxy Baby LP. It was limited to 40 and now sold out, and as you can tell below the tracks on this CD are a more abstract side of OLR’s psychedelic pop .

Whole lotta lovin’ (daytripper yeah) by Raw Thrills

[vimeo clip_id=19346540]

30 Jan 2011


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For the longest time I’ve been waiting for some sort of decent math rock band to come about, for one of my favorite bands from High School was indeed a math rock band. Those shows were of the first ones I’ve ever attended, and for that reason there is a certain sentimental aesthetic I get from listening to music of this genre. Oberhofer creates music that melds poppy, jangly surf with math rock, and in the video shot for Popgun Booking below, you can see it open with that classic math rock finger picking as Ian captures all of it through the lens of his camera. Be sure to pick up the 7-inch from Pure Groove.

[vimeo clip_id="19336776"]

Oberhofer: Away Frm U