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27 Feb 2011


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As both members of Dream Boat go to RISD, it isn’t too hard to catch these two around Providence. Photos after the jump.


THE HORROR [Dream Boat remixes Michael Parallax]

25 Feb 2011


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Brown Bread is Beky from Fossil Cities, her new project features her beautiful vocals circling around psychedelia. Her tracks are dark, yet playful, and can be related to a forgotten theme park. This forgotten theme park, which once brought utter joy to young children now sits broken down, and desolate. Beky’s soothing, child-like vocals echo throughout the broken down theme park, and as trespassers travel through the decayed land, her vocals are a reminder of the beauty once forgotten.

Brown Bread: Ah

Brown Bread: Birds

25 Feb 2011


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The Twerps have releases lined up with a couple of my favorite labels, Old English Spelling Bee and Underwater Peoples. Their Night People‘s cassette has been in my tape deck rotation for some time now, so I am super stoked that as my tape has been worn out I’ll have some fresh plastic to grip. The Twerps are one of the few pop bands to have the affinity for writing catchy fun-times-at-the-bar pop songs that don’t get old, making them one of my favorite bands to listen to. The Twerps hit me hard when I saw this footage of them playing on a boat February of last year, and their new track “Black Eyes” does not disappoint.

The Twerps: Black Eyes