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01 Oct 2011


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I stumbled upon the photo essays of Nathan Kensinger while reading one of my favorite NYC surf blogs and while looking through his photos I couldn’t help but connect the darkness of NYC’s industrial decay with some Anenon and Non-Projects related tracks I have been listening to lately.

Commons by anenon

Grey by anenon

White Winter Lights (Lullaby for Laura) by anenon

that which once was will never be again by ROM-DOS

05 Aug 2011


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Recently saw some hot air balloons, hung out with the Craft Spells dudes, and played with smoke bombs. photos after the jump. For what I could tell Gardens and Villa played really well that night, even though I was outside socializing for most of the time.

19 Jun 2011


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Had a serious nite of vibin doing the typical providence weekend thing bouncing bars downcity and stumbling into rando shows. In this case friend glenna and her sister willa danced while Diana Joy preformed at Q30. Photos after the jump, and some music to score the night’s vibes below:

Crystal Castles: Celestica (Alcala’s Ambient Reprise)

Pictureplane: Post Physical

11 Jun 2011


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Last night me and a couple of my favorite PC grads headed out on the city of Providence for some beers (but of course, not before Derek put on some nina simone), and eventually we found ourselves at a Triangle Forest show in the basement of one of our favorite bars. These New-wavers put on a really great live set, photos and animations after the jump.

25 May 2011


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This roll from the Porcelain Raft/Tennis show finally came in, photos after the jump. I got a bunch of photos of Perlman in there from when we visited MoMA too.

14 May 2011


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These photos are a little dated, I was in New York during my spring break and saw Laurel Halo at Glasslands with Ian and then headed to Shea Stadium to catch Las Robertas. I think I have another roll from this trip too that is getting developed now (I’ll add those later). This night wad finished off at Market Hotel. Photos after the jump.

05 Apr 2011


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Pretty rad to see Salad Fork contributor Ian Perlman‘s music video for Tennis‘ Take Me Somewhere (shot on 16mm film) up on Rolling Stone. Kind of bummed the videos he took of himself during the trip down to Virginia have not surfaced, though (Ian knows what I’m talking about). Next up on Ian’s directorial plate is a music video for Beach Fossils‘ Adversity, being filmed now. Follow his tumblelog for that video here if you want to stay updated as the video is created. Also included below are some real nice black and whites Ian took during his trip with Patrick and Alaina, more photos after the jump.

[vimeo clip_id="21963231"]


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27 Feb 2011


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As both members of Dream Boat go to RISD, it isn’t too hard to catch these two around Providence. Photos after the jump.


THE HORROR [Dream Boat remixes Michael Parallax]

16 Apr 2010

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27 Mar 2010

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Note: Big Troubles cancelled! It still will be a good show, though.