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27 Nov 2011


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Some of these tracks are going to seem familiar – however I encourage you to actually watch the videos. You might find yourself appreciating some of those familiar sounds more when you listen to them in the context the artist intended you to with the help of their music videos.

If you’re a fan of Speculator you’ll notice he sampled this song in his track Stay Cool.

A classic.

No doubt the dirtiest 80s music video I stumbled upon. I’m surprised a label such as Universal let this video slide.

This is a pretty catchy tune it’s a bummer that this band is only known as the band with the I Ran (So Far Away) song. Also, note the hair.

So this track might sound familiar if you’ve dabbled in 80s pop at all, but I’m posting it because the music video is so sick.

Pretty sick early 80s new wave from Australia. Will remind you a bit of the Soft Moon (Captured Tracks).

Original video for Talk Talk’s It’s My Life. It’ll sound familiar because Gwen Stefani covered it.

Explore 1980′s London. You may even find it humorous that the other bandmate is in nearly every scene behind the lead singer just staring off aimlessly into the surroundings.

27 Nov 2011


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Recently stumbled upon this danish pop singer that goes by the moniker Oh Land (Nanna Øland Fabricius) and I really dig what she’s doing. Below is a really rad video of her track Lean preformed live with a string quartet – you can grip her LP here.

25 Nov 2011


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Fantasy Island is a couple of friends that started making music together pretty recently and came up with a couple of pretty catchy pop songs. Also check out their soundcloud to stream another track here.

Latest tracks by Fantasy Island