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23 Jan 2012


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Keep Shelly In Athens added some vocals to Moth’s track , making it even more beautifully haunting than even before. Also included below is a teaser for a new video for the original track.

23 Jan 2012


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I really loved Lone’s Echolocation EP, and apparently he’s got a new album titled “Galaxy Garden” and a new single titled Crystal Caverns 1991 both coming soon on R&S Records.

18 Jan 2012


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Saint Nothing is a track off of Daniel Rossen’s upcoming EP Silent Hour / Golden Mile, which is coming out March 19 on Warp. Rossen had this to say about the EP:

“When you spend so much time touring around, you can lose perspective on what you’re trying to do. All the sudden, I had no idea what to do or what to make or anything…These songs were a way for me to figure that out again, getting my legs back.”

Saint Nothing reminds me of the gentle and haunting spookiness of “Yellow House”. When I listen to that record I always think of old houses and the memories that people attach to the places they live (i.e. visiting my grandmother’s house and watching myself as an 8-year old eating pasta around the dining table every sunday). It’s a personal opinion of mine that the best records allow one to think or reminisce about something unique that no other material object (not only records) is capable of doing – and “Yellow House” did that for me. Therefore, I am really excited about this EP.

(via GvB)