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10 Sep 2012


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Jenn turned me on to merchandise on our way to the club the other night, they’re a post-punk band from FL – she covered them earlier this summer in a pitchfork rising article which you can read here. I posted one of my favorite quotes from this interview below:

“Punks become uncomfortable when things make them question their politics. They’re afraid to listen to things that are totally different from themselves. But you should be able to listen to anything. Like, wasn’t there ever a time in your life when you didn’t know any of this shit? I’m really connected to my childhood, when all I listened to was “La Bamba” and Buddy Holly. I have a connection to those things as an American, not as a punk.”

Amen, brother.

Here’s a couple videos:

AND you can download their whole album for free here.

As far as upcoming shows go, Merchandise are playing in providence at 9/16 Freaky Bill’s Muppet Lounge. In addition, time wharp and howse are playing a show for free at the salon 9/15. what a weekend, eh?

09 Sep 2012


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this one needs no introduction —

04 Sep 2012


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Watch Karley Sciortino from Slutever/Vice Magazine hook up with a guy at our beloved shea stadium (~50 seconds in) in BULLETT‘s short advertising their Fall romance issue, which you can grip now. Also, I took the pic above with a disposable in –2k11–.