23 Jul 2011


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I first started going to the clubs at 18. I remember my parents weren’t to happy about it, going out late at night when I should be studying for Calculus. I believe they were worried that I might succumb to the social pressures of binge drinking, but I never did. I have so much energy at the club people tend to think I’m on drugs anyway. I get that a lot.

In the beginning, I would go to the 18+ hip-hop clubs and do the grind dance with women with a cup of water in my hand. I believed that this would make the 21+ babes may think that it is vodka and therefore increased my probability of dancing with them by playing the age card. At the time, I had not really listened to music of the independent genre and to my knowledge, an indie dance night did not exist at any of the local dance clubs. I have recently started going to the indie dance night and have been killing it with my friends Kaleb and Shelly. The last time we went I felt like I conquered something when I left.

My mom was the one to teach my how to dance in the first place. She taught me a lot of the moves that I still use to this day. Because of her, I have been able to master the ‘dance walk’, which is a method that allows one to move throughout great lengths of the dance floor while still dancing. I have used this method to jump from one group of women to another, or when I spot a dance circle from afar. I like to make sure I arrive to the dance circle still dancing for swag reasons. My mom taught aerobics and yoga when I was young, so I experienced a slew of intense, exclusive aerobic remixes of songs like “Sweet Dreams” by La Bouche and a lot of Enya, as well as tapes of just field sounds.

In addition to my mother, I have had the pleasure of dancing with many beautiful latina women at the hip-hop clubs. The latinas are every good dancers, they really know how to move. Anytime I spot a latina on the dance floor I attempt to dance with her, knowing that it will improve my skill as a dancer.

I have stumbled upon some really rad synthy and danceable tunes as of recently, Milk N Honey by Sir Stephen (via Altered Zones) is a synth dream, taking me back to my mom’s aerobic classes, it’s a track filled with tones of the 90′s club scene. Outtacontrol by LDFD is a slow-moving track to score your more fluid dance movements too, and is also ideal for grinding if you are into that. M83‘s Midnight City is an instant ‘indie dance night at the local club’ song, I can see it’s popularity in the clubs being synonymous to early MGMT. The Round and Round C-Powers remix (via Friendship Bracelet AKA everything C-Powers) is a good track for glitch dance moves. Of course, we can’t leave salad fork homie Dreams West outta the mix.

Sir Stephen: Milk N Honey
LDFD: Outtacontrol
M83: Midnight City
Ariel Pink’s Haunted Graffiti: Round And Round (C Powers Remix)

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