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15 Jun 2012


No Comments party!

So I’m going to be in NYC for FMLY FEST for day 2 of the fest and leaving saturday evening (right before the “night” bands start playing). The fest is going to be really rad, check the schedule here. Let’s dance the night away, friends!

Below are some streams of a few acts I’m stoked to see:

15 Jun 2012


No Comments video

I’m really into’s new +1 series, which is essentially a short interview with an artist and shows the artist playing some of their music live.

I only recently found out that araabmuzick is from the city I grew up in and I think it’s really cool that he’s playing in front of huge crowds of people that are clearly really into his tunes. Providence doesn’t have a huge electronic scene, but I’ve always got an impression that the hip-hop scene is kind of “the thing” here but I’ve been too lazy to follow up on it.

I also thought this +1 with Zola Jesus was cherry. I like museum venues for the same reason she stated in the video, and enjoyed hearing her songs played with a live string ensamble. I wonder where nika purchased her cool light-up outfit, it’s very unique. I like her hair. She looks like a girl that I married in a dream I had recently.

I’m really into Lotus Plaza’s new LP. Side B is killer.

I recently wrote a post about not seeing nico jarr in providence. At least I have this +1 video to have a taste of what it would’ve been like. This excerpt from his 5 hour set is really fucking good. Just as a side note – let’s not forget the extended performances grouper and jefre cantu-ledesma have been up to this past year. Will this become a thing? I don’t think I could handle a performance over 3 hours unless there was free pizza and lime gatorade.

12 Jun 2012


No Comments audio

Below is a song from my favorite Auckland, NZ surf/psych band GHOST WAVE – which came out in March, apparently. I think I was much too busy with school at the time to notice. Grip the EP from Arch Hill Recordings.

Watch them play it live: