09 Jun 2012


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A long time ago, when my friend Laura and I were in college, we went to a loft in providence because we heard “a really good dj” named nico jarr was playing. First, we went to a bar called Lili Marlene’s. It was very dark in there, so much so I wondered if I should bring a flashlight the next time I went. I purchased some pretzels. They were alright. I remember being impressed with the bartenders. They seemed cool, collective, and suave. Here is a screenshot of the pool table:

You don’t have to pay to use it. What a deal. In case you are wondering, I did in fact “like” this photo on my Yelp! iPhone app.

After going to the bar, we headed to the loft. We paid $5 to get in. There were a lot of people there. The first act was my friend Elliott, his music sounded great. The rest of the people who played I didn’t really care for. There were ~4-5 more acts after Elliott’s set. Laura and I spent the rest of the night talking to our friend Sina, among others, outside. While we were outside many people walked by us to pee in a nearby bush. Around 3AM, we left. We heard Nico played at 4AM later that day. Laura and I came to the conclusion that we wished we had just went to sleep the previous day, and then headed to the loft. Maybe then we could’ve gotten an early bird special breakfast somewhere.

So it goes.

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