28 Jul 2010


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The surroundings are blanketed with darkness as a lone traveler stands at the end of a rocky jetty, leading out from a majestic beach. There, the traveler sits down, depressed. Perhaps the traveler is saddened due to the loss of something meaningful in their life. Maybe they feel lost in the world, and simply on a journey to find their inner self. The ocean, so large in its amazing mass, has a seemingly magical power for a human to become in touch with their thoughts and feelings, because sometimes the faults of every day life can cloud them. The traveler begins to gaze into the ocean, searching for answers, and realizes that in the grand scheme of the world, the past seems irrelevant when compared to what they can make their future. As the sun begins to rise, its’ rays glisten and shine over the ocean water. The traveler feels as though a piece of himself that had been lost and buried from the trials of every day life had been found. The traveler returns to his vehicle, and drives back from everything he had once hated and resented, only to view that place as a new beginning.

Our Husband is an Australian duo that creates soothing indie pop with a soft rock and country base, gleaming with the utmost intense harmonious tones that will grab all of your attention and make everything in the real world seem unimportant, all of your worries are simply washed away. The feeling can be best represented by watching one of your favorite films, taking the emotion felt at the end, and somehow making that intense emotion last throughout the film as you watch it again.Villages is their first single. Like the foreword, the song starts out dreary and somewhat dark, in its’ own poppy rite, only to reach a chorus of hope and sudden realization.

Our Husband: Villages

photo by Chris Little

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written by Salad Fork
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