19 Aug 2011


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The Weeknd released his new album titled “Thursday”. After listening through I feel like I don’t have to say much about it because “Thursday” feels like an expansion of “House of Balloons”. Nothing is really that different when you compare the two EPs except for the fact that this new record is a little less pop so you aren’t in for too much of surprise. Since, in my opinion, his first EP was so tight this isn’t really a bad thing.

Overall, it’s important to look at this record and The Weeknd as a solid example of indie-influenced music penetrating into the mainstream media (i.e. MTV) with the use of the internet. I honestly believe that the free distribution of music through the internet will lead to the mainstream media accepting music that is a bit different than normal pop songs, which in part is due to accessibility. Download the record at The Weeknd’s website here, below is my favorite track off of it. I also featured The Zone because I love Drake and he drops some words on that track.

The Weeknd: Lonely Star
The Weeknd: The Zone

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