14 Mar 2011


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The recent 8.9 magnitude earthquake in Japan not only caused a massive Tsunami to hit and dessimate the country, but it also moved some of Japan’s coastline thirteen feet closer to the United States and shifted the axis of the earth as well as shortening the day by a few milliseconds. Holy shit, right? If the shorter day is bothering you, the 2010 earthquake in Chile also shortened the day by a few milliseconds. I’m starting to think, maybe this is what the Native Americans meant by the world ending soon.

Putting myself in the shoes of someone living in Japan, I’m scared, I feel lost, and I know that once I get all my shit together I’m still pretty fucked because there’s a possibility I might get cancer. Essentially, this is Hiroshima all over again. An atom bomb was dropped on the nation in the form of a massive water wave, one of mother natures’ weapons of mass destruction, but with no one to blame for this destruction. You can’t even be pissed at someone due to the randomness of this event.

Here I sit, in a nice chair in the comfort of my own home in the northeastern United States. Quite frankly I have no way of associating with what the people living in Japan could be going through right now. I guess, everything just seems wrong. I think that’s the answer to a lot of problems in the world right now, everything is wrong. Nothing is purely ideal. There isn’t an answer for every question.

It is culture that separates us from other animals, and artists take culture and interpret it to make something real out of it. Art is culture you can see or hear, maybe even both. Maybe not right now, but somewhere down the line this earthquake will have affected some artists vibes in some way, possibly create the inspiration needed for a new song, or a new painting. On the other side of the spectrum, a listener may be listening to something that creates a certain mood or feeling that causes them to associate the song with the earthquake, even if it was not the artists’ own interpretation when creating the music. Don’t misinterpret this is something bad, it is actually quite the opposite.

Below is a video by Peter’s House Music for his track The Mirror Has 2 Faces shot by Brett Milspaw. This track is off of his EP titled “Jump” which dropped on All Hands Electric. I have nothing more to say.

Peter’s House Music: The Mirror Has 2 Faces