24 Oct 2011


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Cool Angels is a new project by Nick Ray (Speculator). The best way I can describe Nick’s new project is a mellowed-out, dream pop version of his usual material. The tape also features some vocals from Stef Hodapp (Young Prisms) and Christa Palazzolo (Boyfriend). This tape is dropping on Gnar Tapes sometime in the future, along with that Young Prisms demo cassette if you haven’t gripped that yet.


Speculator Dublab Sprout Session

03 Oct 2011


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Today my buddy Bryant alerted me that GNAR Tapes is putting out a Young Prisms cassette featuring a bunch of their demos. Young Prisms’ LP Friends For Now is one of my favorite and most played LPs, and was spun a lot during late nights while studying last year.

06 Nov 2010


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Hyman G. Rickover was an admiral in the United States navy responsible for directing the development of naval nuclear propulsion, a technology created mostly for submarines, making them virtually undetectable. Submarines were now able to stay underwater for long periods of time without having to surface, compared to before when they would have to surface to recharge the batteries on board-and fear being spotted by an enemy vessel.

Nuclear Submarines work thanks to nuclear fission, which is, essentially, the splitting of atoms. The reaction that occurs when atoms of a heavy element are split gives off an exothermic reaction, creating a high magnitude of kinetic energy. It is this kinetic energy that is responsible for powering the submarine underwater. The energy created by this on-board reaction far surpassed the energy supplied by batteries, and thus created a true stealth vehicle.

San Franciscos’ Young Prisms emulate the high magnitude of kinetic energy created by nuclear fission with their western-inspired shoegaze. Their newest track, Sugar, is an exploration of an atoms venture into nuclear transmutation, with its’ driving sounds moving quickly forward, embellished by a swirling ocean of shoegaze. Sugar is off of their debut LP, dropping this coming January on Kanine Records.

Young Prisms: Sugar



Weekend/Young Prisms Split [3 mp3s]

03 Jun 2010


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Epic vibes are felt from this very promising 7” by Californians Weekend and Young Prisms, it’s got super cool bass lines accompanied by vocals drowned in noise. I have also included a live version of Dreamcatcher (Panoramic) that found its’ way onto Get Off The Coasts’ Eskimo Taco compilation. It has a very cool wild west vibe and since I know everyone will dig it, it’d be a crime not to mention it in this post. Please note this track is not on the split. You can get the 7” from Transparent here

Weekend: End Times

Young Prisms: I Don’t Get Much

Young Prisms: Dreamcatcher (Panoramic) (Live)