08 Feb 2011


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Ocean waves are random, superimposed sine waves. They are formed by wind, and the greater the wind speed the larger the wave height becomes. Wind, and storms in general, move from west to east across the United States. Since wind starts out west, the California coast is known for its larger waves. Quite frankly, the waves along the east coast are quite dismal. Here in Rhode Island, the mean significant wave height is a mere 1.2 meters.

Melted Toys further my love for San Francisco bands with their gentle, California-inspired soft rock. There’s a certain beauty associated with a large wave as it begins to break, for a wave has an enormous potential to maintain its energy as it travels across the ocean. Melted Toys represent this phenomena, with their subtle guitar effects representing the powerful and equally beautiful collapsing wave, dissipating its energy onto a beach. I have Elise to thank for posting this great Melted Toys video from their show in Brooklyn with Speculator this past weekend. Come On is off their upcoming EP titled “Washed & Dried”, dropping February 22nd on the legendary Underwater Peoples label.

Melted Toys: Come On

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    You’re welcome! And don’t hate – learned to surf on the e coast. Keep it ill in RI bro!

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