31 Oct 2011


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This infectious Ferrari Jackson tape just dropped on Culture Dealer and features surgery preformed on deep cut samples to give them a late-night dance pop aesthetic 100% Silk style. Below is a video album sampler.


26 Oct 2011


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Have to thank the dudes at Rose Quartz LLC for this find. Ghost Wave is a psych jangle-pop band from Auckland, NZ. Hippy is a track that’ll feel like you are listening to The Ramones hangin’ 10 (so most nearly Sheena Is A Punk Rocker meets I Wanna Be Sedated) – where Gold and Shade are mellow, psychedlic pop tunes for cloudless days. Their video for Hippy is practically brand new and features lots of colors, nice landscapes and beautiful people dancing.

Ghost Wave: Hippy

Ghost Wave: Shade

Ghost Wave: Gold (Demo)

25 Oct 2011


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Rimar is re-releasing Higher Ground on vinyl with Bella Union and it’s going to drop November 7th. If you haven’t listened to “Higher Ground” yet, check it out below. As far as new material goes, Rimar recently dropped an EP called “World Drop”. It’s more of his signature beat-focused music with a pop edge.

24 Oct 2011


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Cool Angels is a new project by Nick Ray (Speculator). The best way I can describe Nick’s new project is a mellowed-out, dream pop version of his usual material. The tape also features some vocals from Stef Hodapp (Young Prisms) and Christa Palazzolo (Boyfriend). This tape is dropping on Gnar Tapes sometime in the future, along with that Young Prisms demo cassette if you haven’t gripped that yet.


Speculator Dublab Sprout Session

23 Oct 2011


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Altered Zones posted up this video of Dive playing a pretty upbeat set at 285 Kent last week, it seems as though they’ve adapted a similar recording to live show style as Beach Fossils is known for – mellow, melodic recordings transform into melodic jams on stage. I posted up Sometime not too long ago, also check out Corvalis below (both tracks are on the same Captured Tracks 7″).

==| DIVE @ 285 KENT |== from grossymmetric on Vimeo.

Dive: Corvalis


Dive: Sometimes

21 Oct 2011


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After being under the radar for a bit due to a delay with their cassette dubbers, MJMJ is back on their feet and served us up a nice new 17-track sampler consisting of old MJMJ tracks and fresh ones from upcoming releases. Every track on this sampler is pretty ill. I had Shelly pick out the photo for this post (she’s pictured in the art for this sampler), figured I’d spread some of that Wisconsin love around.

21 Oct 2011


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I posted up Rihanna’s track We Found Love a while back but it was taken down for copyright reasons. Well, here’s part two – Rihanna’s video for that track.

We are taken from the beginning to the end of a relationship in a mere 4:30. It’s reasonable to deduct that Rihanna is comparing the highs and lows of a relationship with drug addiction – both of which can be destructive entities.

The video was shot in northern Ireland, and the drug-fueled romance seems to play analogous to the aesthetic of the film Trainspotting – the story of a heroin addict in Edinburgh, UK. Given the use of her irish accent in the first minute or so of the film along with the setting choice, I am left to deduct that this music video is some sort of ode to that film to further along the comparison she is attempting to make.

18 Oct 2011


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This new Friends video for I’m His Girl directed by Aurora Halal and Samantha Urbani is super rad and features a bunch of market hotel/vibes management/bushwick faces. I’ve kind of evaded listening to Friends in general for quite some time and I’m not exactly sure why – they have the ability to write some really beautiful pop songs. Friends is a five-piece band which consists of Samantha Urbani herself. If you haven’t seen/heard the song Friend Crush, you can check out that one included below too.

15 Oct 2011


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Palmz is the songwriting project of Lexie Corfiatis from Santa Cruz, CA and creates lo-fi garage/surf music. Other than the extremely well-done album “X-Ray of Fun”, I’m also enjoying the tracks Nothing in the Universe is Lost as well as The Dreams We Have We Make Ourselves:

I would also like to state that Teenage Heartthrob off of “X-Ray of Fun” is an absolute killer – it’s doo-wop done well. I feel like part of doing doo-wop in our times it is essential to still capture the early 60s aesthetic but keeping it real enough for the 2010′s.

08 Oct 2011


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Stumbled upon what I believe to be Part Time’s youtube user account via his Facebook fan page and found a bunch of videos that feature songs that aren’t on his Mexican Summer record: