01 Oct 2011


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MJ MJ Records put this double cassette compilation together and I stumbled upon this dreamy blues track by Merlin Monroe (Ben Larson’s music project). The Cloud Nothings track and the Orchard Thief tracks are also growing on me – you can send them a message if you want a copy of the tape.

13 Sep 2010


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Newer-to-the game Blackburn Recordings dropped a very nice 17 track compilation not too long ago, featuring exclusive tracks from Salad Fork favorites such as Cloud Nothings, Sleep Over, and Big Troubles, among others. You can still download this mix, for free, here and now, you can purchase it on a 150-run cassette tape featuring art by Molly Smith. Blackburn also has a Sore Eros 7” up for sale called Taal Compass, be sure to pick that up if your into mellowed out lo-fi folk. Below is one of my favorite tracks from this compilation, Sultans’ stunning There Goes My Girl, the attractive guitar riffs and soothing vocals will melt your heart into magma.

Sultan: There Goes My Girl

03 Jun 2010


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Dylan Baldis’ moniker Cloud Nothings can seemingly never disappoint. His latest 7” features the catchy track Even If It Worked Out which is available through Old Flame Records. It seems as though Dylan is able to create a solid pop track that won’t get old after a few weeks, and it separates him from other ‘pop’ artists. Along with Best Coast, he has chosen to go the ‘singles’ route, which I believe helps to keep a hyped artist from ‘dying out’. Good move on your part, Dylan.

Cloud Nothings: Even If It Worked Out


29 Mar 2010

Cloud Nothings: Even In The Summer [Track Premiere]

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In honor of #musicmonday, I have made a brand new Cloud Nothings track avaliable for stream. Even In The Summer will be on my Mixtape For Haiti, which you can help make possible by pledging to my Kickstarter.

This track is ‘crazy catchy’ and has become one of my favorite Cloud Nothings songs. If you want to get it, help me fund #mixtapesforhaiti! Also, this track is one of a few upcoming releases (future 7”) that are planned for the tape, which will be an awesome summer mix for you to bring to the beach with.

Cloud Nothings: Even In The Summer by SaladFork

23 Feb 2010

Cloud Nothings: Little Raygun/Morgan + Group Tightener 7"

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Much thanks to Fader for posting up this awesome song from the Campfires/Cloud Nothings split. It’s super catchy and exactly what you’d expect from the Cloud Nothings. Happy listening! Get the tape from Bathetic

Cloud Nothings: Little Raygun


Cloud Nothings/Campfires Split


Gorilla Vs. Bear posted another new Cloud Nothings track, called Morgan , which is off of this super rare (run of 250!)/limited edition/hand-numbered 7” pictured below, which you can get from Group Tightener. It’s nine bucks, but it’s still cheaper than the Best Coast 7” that sold out-stop complaining homies. Also, if you are a Rhode Island resident, the show in Providence is still TBA, but is most definitely still occurring Monday, March 8th. Keep your eyes peeled on the Cloud Nothings myspace for more details.

10 Feb 2010

Cloud Nothings/Campfires Split: Edition of 100

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Two geniuses on one tape. Get it from Bathetic Records


Cloud Nothings

A1. Get On Board

A2. Ohh You

A3. Little Raygun

A4. I Am Rooftop


B1. Psychic Weapons

B2. Magic Carpet

B3. Kite Spills

B4. Ruby Daggers

B5. Yellow, Black, Red, Brown

29 Jan 2010

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Stereogum posts new Cloud Nothings track, tour dates below

01/31 – Cleveland, OH @ Cool Ranch #

02/02 – Cleveland, OH @ Beachland Tavern $

02/13 – Cleveland, OH @ Believeland %

02/19 – Columbus, OH @ Cafe Bourbon Street

03/05 – Toronto, ON @ TBA !!

03/06 – Brookyn, NY @ TBA ^^

03/07 – Boston, MA @ TBA *
03/08 – Providence, RI @ TBA *

03/09 – Baltimore, MD @ TBA *

03/11 – Philadelphia, PA @ The OX

03/12 – Columbus, OH @ TBA *

03/13 – Lafayette, IN @ Black Sparrow Pub

03/14 – Bloomington, IN @ TBA

03/15 – Chicago, IL @ Empty Bottle

03/16 – Lawrence, KS @ TBA

03/17 – Austin, TX @ SXSW

03/18 – Austin, TX @ SXSW

03/19 – Austin, TX @ SXSW &

03/20 – Austin, TX @ SXSW

# w/ Daniel Higgs and Stellar Om Source

$ w/ The Entrance Band and Lights

% Turning On vinyl release show

!! w/ Free Kisses and Mathemagic

^^ w/ Free Kisses, Shark?, and Byrds Of Paradise

* w/ Free Kisses

& Weekly Tapedeck and Transparent Blog Showcase

23 Jan 2010

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Cloud Nothings: Turning On

Pre-order the vinyl version of the cassette/CD from Insound

22 Jan 2010

Cloud Nothings: Live At Monster Island Footage

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Cloud Nothings: Can’t Stay Awake

Cloud Nothings- “Can’t Stay Awake” from the great pumpkin on Vimeo.

Cloud Nothings: Hey Cool Kid

Cloud Nothings- “Hey Cool Kid” from the great pumpkin on Vimeo.

Cloud Nothings: Turning On

Cloud Nothings- “Turning On” from the great pumpkin on Vimeo.

Cloud Nothings: Whaddya Wanna Know

Cloud Nothings- “Whaddya Wanna Know” from the great pumpkin on Vimeo.

Cloud Nothings: Morgan

Cloud Nothings- “Morgan” from the great pumpkin on Vimeo.

Cloud Nothings: Strummin

Cloud Nothings- “Strummin” from the great pumpkin on Vimeo.


12 Jan 2010

Bridgetown Records Winter Batch

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Trudgers – Always Crashing Heaven CD | first edition of 50

Nicole Kidman – Teen Worship tour CD version | one-time edition of 50

Vehicle Blues – Punks On Transit CD | first edition of 50

Cloud Nothings – Turning On CD/cassette | first edition of 100

Kevin Greenspon + Nicole Kidman – Blue Crush CD | third edition of 50

Nicole Kidman – 20 Years Old And No Girlfriend CD | third edition of 50

You can get all 6 items for $20ppd USA / $24ppd International!

What a deal! Get it here