27 Sep 2011


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So this new games track isn’t really ‘new’, it’s actually an edit off of a song from the curatorial club release they put out. Nevertheless, No Disguise is a really fun song to listen to in reference to any upbeat electro jams with smoky, deep vocals you may yearn for.

GAMES – No Disguise by Ford & Lopatin

30 Sep 2010


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Daniel Lopatin and Joel Ford delve deep into R&B-based electronic synth with their newest irresistible jam titled Shadows In Bloom, with samples hinting at 80s and early 90s nostalgia. This newest GAMES track seems appropriate for late night cruises through Los Angeles, and is my personal favorite of theirs so far. Be sure to cop their 12” That We Can Play dropping on Hippos In Tanks November 2nd, and don’t forget to give their above-linked tumblr a once over every once in a while.

Games – Shadows In Bloom by alteredzones




Games: Spend The Night With Games [mp3]

01 Jul 2010


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For a while now, I’ve been wondering what GAMES has been up to. Turns out, the duo has been real busy. GAMES is the project of Oneohtrix Point Nevers’ Daniel Lopatin and his childhood friend, Joel Ford. Listening to GAMES is like listening to 80s R&B tapes with some some added astral synth. You can get their latest release, dual C60 cassettes available for pre-order at the Curatorial Club. GAMES also has a 7” on the way, featuring the track Everything Is Working, out on Hippos In Tanks sometime this summer.

Games: Tape A

01. Michael Franks: “Don’t Be Shy”

02. Cool Notes: “Spend the Night”

03. Alan Shearer: “Sons of the Snake”

04. Aphex Twin: “Windowsill”

05. Delano Smith: “Metropolis”

06. Derek May: Wiggin Sinister”

07. Tricky: “Strugglin”

08. Michael Franks: “Don’t Be Shy (Reprise)”

You can stream the rest of the mix here


09 Mar 2010

Games: Heaven Can Wait Mixtape Vol. II

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Heaven Can Wait Mixtape Vol. II by Games


Introducing: Games

25 Feb 2010


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I’m a bit late to the game on this one, but my blogging friends Chocolate Bobka and Friendship Bracelet turned me on to Games (who you can follow on tumblr here). If you’re into some nostalgiac 80s miami vice (reference stolen from Friendship Bracelet) shit, you’ll totally dig this. Keep your eyes peeled for a Games’ debut EP called That We Can Play, due out this Summer.

Everything Is Working by Games

Planet Party by Games