12 Dec 2011


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Wild Vines and Tenement Shrines is Alice Cohen’s (not to be mistaken with the NY musician) tape release on Sixteen Tambourines. The only bummer I have with Sixteen Tambourines is that between the shipping and the cost of the tape I just can never fathom dropping x amount of money to buy anything they put out. Apparently they are putting out this tape with a t-shirt too which makes the price easier to fathom if you got the bills in your pocket. Limited release of 50 tapes.

Edit: This is the NY-based musician Alice Cohen!

Alice Cohen – Never Come Down by Sixteen Tambourines Recs

Alice Cohen – Dèrive by Sixteen Tambourines Recs

written by Louis
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  1. Reply OESBEE says:

    but this is the new york musician and animator Alice Cohen

  2. Reply OESBEE says:

    those U.S. customers wishing to save on high shipping costs from Japan might be able to snag a copy from Alice when she gets them in January

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