01 Oct 2011


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This Ducktails video for Hamilton Road premiered over at Pitchfork and features Alex Craig, Katy Goodman, Martin Courtney, and Evan Brody (So that’s faces from Big Troubles, Vivian Girls/La Sera, Real Estate, and Family Portrait). The whole video is created upon the concept of the intro of a 60s or 70s TV show, such as the Brady Bunch – it’s a concept I really like and it’s super cool to see all these familiar faces from different bands in one video.

In reference to the whole buzz band concept prominent here – Insound is selling that rare Ducktails Killin The Vibe 12″ he put together with Panda Bear so you might want to cop that there. Artwork done by Lauren Pakradooni.

15 Jun 2011


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Real Estate is seen preforming a new song from their show at the Bell House in the video below, recorded by Jonah Maurer and another recorded by Maia Stern. If you didn’t know yet, Real Estate recently signed to Domino, and they are going to be releasing their new LP through them (Twin Sister is releasing their next record with Domino also). Thanks to NYCTaper for the audio, you can download the whole set there.

Real Estate – Soup or New Song (Live) from Free Spirit on Vimeo.

Real Estate – “Careless” live from moogie on Vimeo.

Real Estate: Unknown (new)
Real Estate: Untitled (new)
Real Estate: Untitled (new)

29 Jan 2011


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Just the other day I could hear the buoys ring while trying to sleep as the snow storm forced the waves to rattle them. I was reminded of spending time cycling to Bonnet Shores Beach last fall, and how much I missed climbing the rocks and cliffs that surrounded it.

Below is a new Real Estate jam found via Martin Courtney’s Soundcloud, it’s an instrumental track that features the Real Estate aesthetic of laid-back beach vibes, and by the title, is in someway inspired by that Chrysler Lebaron.

Real Estate – Blue Lebaron by Real Estate

19 Aug 2010


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It is no secret that Real Estate is one of my favorite bands. They have just announced their newest 7” on the super rad label True Panther, dropping about a week after my birthday on October 12th, but you can preorder it here. We heard this song live thanks to NYCtaper, so I already knew the recorded version would not dissapoint. It even features some cool synth work by Daniel Lopatin, resulting in a well-rounded and cohesive track.

Out Of Tune by truepanther


29 Jun 2010


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I’ve never really had a favorite band, in this day and age their are so many bands/artists that exist on the internet they could probably populate their own country. What kind of criteria would categorize a favorite band? How many times you play their record? How many of their records do you own? How many times you’ve seen them play live? I think when it comes down to it, it’s a pretty plain and simple reason: it’s how closely their music relates to you.

What designates an indie kid from a hardcore kid? The obvious reasons are music taste-persons deeply involved in music has a huge influence on the way people act, sometimes how they dress, and who they hang out with. But, in general, it might just be the kind of lifestyle you choose to go about your life. You choose the music that relates to your life. With that analogy, a favorite band/artist would be at the smallest, most specific level, and that’s something that’s hard to find. It’s rare you come about music that relates to you so specifically that you can say to your friends: ‘this is my band’.

For me, Real Estate is the best representation, as a musical form, that embodies me as a person. The ocean, the rocky shores around the bay. Hanging out at the beach at night, cheap ass gansett beer. Watching the basement flood like crazy at the duplex in Providence that I grew up in as a child. ‘Watching the clock tick by’ as I sit through 8am physics class. Listening to their s/t before my high-stakes differential equations exam last semester to ‘chill-out’. Their music, lyrically and instrumentally, relates to how I go about my life. Even though sometimes I really hate Rhode Island with it’s corrupt politicians and smallness, I grew up here and my memories will always be here with the experiences had as a native Rhode Islander. Real Estate, where ever I travel to your music will always bring me back home.

With that said, enjoy Real Estates’ whole Northside fest set live, as recorded by NYCtaper, which includes some totally rad new songs which you can download separately below.

Real Estate: All Out Of Tune [live]

Real Estate: Art Fandelet (new song) [live]

Real Estate: Untitled (new song 2) [live]

photo from Andrew Pichettes’ album, ‘Chew’s Been Here’ taken at Matunuck state beach fall of 2009

07 May 2010


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Everyones’ favorite pricey/limited edition label, Mexican Summer, is repressing Real Estate’s Reality EP on tie-dye splatter vinyl limited to 1000 copies, and in addition 1000 will be pressed on classic black. Californias’ Pearl Harbor is also getting their Something About The Chaparrals repressed on turquoise, limited to 2000 copies. Get em’ before they are gone!

Pearl Harbor: Luv Goon

Real Estate: Younger Than Yesterday

01 Apr 2010

Lápis de Cera: REAL ESTATE

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Johnny from JCCG hooking me up two times in one day with some awesome music finds. Shortly after he emailed me about Branches (previous post) he told me to check out this video of Real Estate playing a ‘unplugged’ version of at an abandoned university in his hometown in Portugal. Turns out his father used to teach there. Kind of surreal, huh? These videos are insanely sweet in all respects. Just for clarification: the first video is an intro, and the second is Real Estate playing. I’m pretty sure I am one of the first to post these videos here in the U.S., because I know if friend of Real Estate Chocolate Bobka found them both vids would have over 10k views each. Please divulge with wonder below.

10 Mar 2010

Suburban Dogs

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Suburban Dogs is one of my favorite tracks from Real Estates’ s/t LP, and in this video you can watch Real Estate play for a real estate company during the holiday season, which seems to be dually ironic. I enjoyed watching the very beginning of this video, because it reminds me so much of my familys’ holidays, with the massive spreads my mom puts out, including some nicely crafted vegan treats just for me. Even the accent was almost similar to our weird Rhode Island accent. I suppose this video does deliver when it comes to matching the theme of the song to the video, clips of Real Estates’ Jersey heritage can be seen by the band playing soccer in a field, chilling at a cemetery, or just practicing in the basement. All of this gives a very ‘homey’ feeling to the video, and displays the stereotypical suburban life, or at least everything suburban life should be. Right on, Real Estate.

This post is dedicated to my mom. Thanks for being awesome, I wouldn’t be who I am today without you.

14 Feb 2010

Mexican Summer Future Releases

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Anyone remember The Mayfair Set? If you were lucky enough to catch the Woodsist/Captured Tracks Festival this past summer, you might have seen their only show, with Dee Dee from The Dum Dum Girls being from California and ‘Mr. Blank Dog’ being from Brooklyn, and all. I remember Already Warm being one of my most played songs of the summer. Any way, just checking out some of Mexican Summers’ future releases and noticed ‘The Mayfair Set’ on the list. Double checked The Mayfair Set’s myspace, and sure enough: ‘working on the LP’.

In other Mexican Summer news, also noticed future releases from Washed Out (got an email from Ernest Greene himself saying to watch for near-future releases from Lee Weather and Washed Out), Campfires, and Real Estate are planned. Oh boy. Can’t wait to pay some exorbitant amount of money for a Mexican Summer LP/EP that I know I’ll have to own. I also kind of wonder what bands feel like when they get a deal from Mexican Summer. I mean, their artist line-up is so solid…

07 Jan 2010

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Real Estate at Fader Bowl