05 Jan 2011


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I’m going to start this post off bluntly and simply state that I love Outer Limits Recordings. I purchased both 7”s and their “Foxy Baby” LP from Olde English Spelling Bee, all of which have been on my turntable rotation since the cardboard package entered the grasp of my hands. The day before the Vibes Management/Weird Magic Inverted Cosmos Party, I fell asleep in Ian’s loft staring at the New York skyline with OLR’s Final Seduction playing over and over again in my head. OLR is a collaboration between Sam Meringue and Zak Mering, featuring psych-drone lord James Ferraro, Big Troubles’ Ian Drennan, and Ryan Howe (Luke Perry) live. Burnin Through The Nite is originally by one of Zak Mering’s many projects called The Sweethearts. Their performance was spot-on, as you can see in the below video.

Outer Limits Recordings - “Burnin Through The Nite” from Ian Perlman on Vimeo.

This video was shot for Weird Magic and premiered there earlier today with some words by Rez.

Outer Limits Recordings: Burnin Through The Nite
The Sweethearts: Burnin Through The Nite

By: Louis
written by Salad Fork
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