19 Apr 2011


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I feel like I’ve never really done a “mix” before, I’ve got a couple of compilations under my belt but I don’t really consider those “mixes”. A mix to me is something where each song flows almost seamlessly into the next, and that is what this is.

This mix came about when I started fooling around in Audacity due to an assignment for my underwater acoustics class, and the fact that I’ve been seriously vibing on everything Non Projects lately was a huge motivator to put this together. The first couple tracks are excerpts from a mix Anenon put together that I found on the Non Projects website, and then progresses into tracks that I felt would make the mix feel like it flowed continuously. This mix can be considered a little on the shorter side coming in at roughly 9 tracks, but after listening to it over and over again I can’t see adding anything else to it.

Anenon: A Fragmented Luminescence Mix [Excerpt 1]
Anenon: A Fragmented Luminescence Mix [Excerpt 2]
Balmorhea: Context [Excerpt]
OLR: Track 16
Speculator: Share
SHRUR: Mike Zone
How To Dress Well: Ready For The World [Twins Remix]
???: Tones
Purity Ring: Loftcries

Salad Fork Mix

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