16 Aug 2011


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Green Gerry sent me this track a while ago and it’s a bit different from his earlier, solo material because he’s preforming with a band now. I seriously love Green Gerry and this new track only affirms that. This track creates vivid images of the transition from August to September, and of clouds lingering in the air after a cool, rainy day. I’d like to make a note that one thing I’ve always appreciated about Gerry’s songwriting is his focus on the lyrics. He always attaches them to the e-mail and usually posts them up on his bandcamp page. Make sure you read them below, it’s something worth paying attention to:

laid at your angles
see the way you are bent
like lighting fast paced and drowsy
upside down slanted rest

bruised boned the eye slips
from the mountain top
blotted by distances rag
its sweat turns to a drag

all of you
all of you

things come and die with age
we ring around the posie
yesterday has left me today
playing the fool accordingly

now the tickets wheel it spins
a straight shot to real life
the sounds fray together and apart they rip
from nights morning and mornings night

all of you
all of you

((B I G N O I S E))

ordinary lashings ear to ear
the heat comes from its coral
attention spans sized up with infinity
makes up its pretty soil

come calling it sinks in
the lot of you below heavy hands
their heads smash at the doors
not knowing what no persons can

all of you
all of you

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