02 Apr 2011


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I feel like every time I talk to Liz Pelly she brings up Quilt, one of her favorite bands from the Boston area right now. She’s most likely been to more Quilt shows than anyone I know, touring with them back to Boston after SXSW. I personally saw them play in one of the warehouses of Providence a while back, it was definitely not really the right vibe for musicians of their stature.

What I like most about Quilt is the female & male vocal duets throughout their music, occasionally singing in unison. The instrumentals match perfectly with the vocals, proof that these three know how to write a good song. I suppose Quilt most nearly sounds like folk-inspired psychedelic pop.

For me, their music is most relatable to a Peter Garfield photo. I might as well be sitting inside a house being spun through the air by an invisible tornado that’s traveling across the continental United States. Now that’s saying something.

Quilt: Cowboys In The Void

Quilt: Penobska Oakwalk

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