25 Mar 2012


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Slow Jamz (with a z) is probably the best song that ever graced MTV. The music video is a spectacle in itself. I never attend daytime parties, and as you can tell from the video these people really go hard.

Twista always seemed cool to me. I wonder if he decided to call him self twista (twister, nickname for a tornado) because he can rap so quickly. Much like a tornado gyrating and destroying people’s homes; it can be inferred that twista is destroying at least 50% of his listeners by rapping with intense speed and agility. I am 95% confident of this statistic. I wonder what happened to him. I wonder if he is still “twisting”.

Jamie Foxx: I idiolize him. If you could pick one celebrity to chill with, I would choose Jamie Foxx. I mean, he’s good at everything. He can sing, rap, act, make jokes. Remember that film Law Abiding Citizen? Such a sick film. If I am going to be friends with someone famous, I want it to be someone who is good at everything.

Kanye West: Doesn’t he seem more laid back and less egotistical in his earlier years? Now he’s into high art and rare shoes. I wonder if he still goes to house parties like the one portrayed in this music video.

Look at how far Kanye and Jamie Foxx have come in the last decade. I wish more indie bands made music videos like these, showing people partying and having a good time to their music. But no, they always have to be so artsy. Personally, I think all music videos should be of people partying. So then, we can determine what music we want to listen to based on the kinds of parties we want to attend.

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