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08 Sep 2011


No Comments video

Youth Lagoon‘s strikingly beautiful video for his track Montana, via Pitchfork:

15 Jun 2011


No Comments audio, guest mix

Youth Lagoon‘s perpetual pop gems have been on repeat since he sent me a few of his tracks not too long ago. I asked Trevor to make a guest mix for Salad Fork, and he gladly did so. The art he included with his mix can be seen above, it’s a photo he took while on his recent vacation. Keep your eyes peeled for his record release on a label sometime in the near future.

A Grave with No Name: Streams
TEENS: Die WIth You
La Big Vic: Musica
Cherry Chapstick: The Line
Christian AIDS: Young Luv
Shabazz Palaces: An Echo from the Hosts that Profess Infinitum
Curd Lake’s Magic: Young Rain In Long Hairs
Houses – Soak It Up
Gardens and Villa – Orange Blossom
Oupa: Forget


Montana by Youth Lagoon

16 Apr 2011


No Comments audio

As a kid, one of my favorite novels was “Tuck Everlasting”, written by Natalie Babbitt. If you’ve never read this book, it’s essentially about a family who live in a forest, and have been there for quite sometime-because they had found the fountain of youth. This family goes through a lot to maintain there way of life, and reading this book as a child I really enjoyed its plots twists and turns.

The fountain of youth is something I fantasized about a lot after reading this book, the idea of living forever seemed pretty amazing at the time. Now, I could never consider wanting to live forever, mostly because I think life is precious because it is finite.

In 1513, Spanish conquistador Ponce de Leon went to test the ‘myth of the fountain of youth’ when the Puerto Ricans he had conquered told him stories about the supposed fountain, and in the process of locating it he had discovered Florida. Ponce de Leon never found the Fountain of Youth.

Youth Lagoon is the project of Idaho’s Trevor Powers. What I like about Trevor’s music is that his tracks start gently with ambience and slowly builds and climaxes at a catchy chorus, essentially it’s like you are being rewarded each time you listen. He’s got a record dropping sometime in the future on Juno Beach Records, so keep your eyes peeled. While his music isn’t a literal fountain of youth, I can’t see why his brightly written tracks won’t serve as some nostalgia for some memories of the past.