15 Apr 2011


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Andy from Vacation Dad got at me a while back and turned me on to a new tape he’s got out on his tape label Two Michael Jordans by this band called Wild Ghosts . This EP titled “No Coast” is most nearly surf rock. The title of their EP hints at this fact, and the fact that they are no where near the coast in Minneapolis. The whole EP was done quite well, I live next to the ocean and can totally get summer beach vibes when I listen.

I recently watched this film titled “Chungking Express” and there was a scene I really enjoyed in this film that I felt as though was analogous to the symbolic nature of this music. In this scene, the young woman is blaring California Dreamin’ by the Momas and the Papas behind the counter as the policeman walks in. As you watch the film, you come to find out that the symbolism behind her playing the song California Dreamin’ is quite literal because she has dreams of moving there. There’s a lot more to this scene and the film in general, I recommend picking this film up because it’s got a lot of ‘deep lines’ in it that will get you thinking about life (I personally love that real deep shit). Also, I don’t want to go spoiling the whole film for you guys. Apparently Andy and Charlie from Two Michael Jordans are on their way to LA, making this post extra fitting.

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