15 Apr 2011


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Non Projects is a label/blog dedicated to exposing IDM and drone/ambient electronic music in the Los Angeles area. I stumbled upon Anenon through those Streets Of Beige mixes I just posted, and apparently he’s the dude that runs this whole thing.

Anenon is a pretty talented multi-instrumentalist, and seems to dig the saxophone a lot. This is one of many things I like about Anenon, he looks at electronic music as a vehicle for experimentation and not strictly for synthesizing everything. Some tracks are beat focused, some contain heavy synth, some are just him playing the saxophone and some of his toys. There are a ton of remixes and one-off songs free for download at Non Projects, and after listening to a few of the mixes he put together it’s apparent he isn’t afraid to move out of his comfort zone. When I listen to his music, the only thing going through my mind is his seemingly endless adoption bounds of creativity. Other than his own music, he represents a few other pretty talented artists: a.d.l.r and Asura remain among my favorites.

Asura is the project of Ryan Yorke, you may recall that recently he dropped a tape on Leaving Records, under his real name and not the name of his project. a.d.l.r is  Nicholas Morera. He composes some pretty rad ambient stuff, a sample of his work can be seen in the below video.

Below is a video of Anenon doing an improv saxophone performance with a few of his toys. Real amped on this video, feel like this is something that would go on at AS220 in Providence. Also included are some Anenon mp3s, I tried to consolidate to a few favorites because the Non Projects site is so full of material. I felt as though his Oneohtrix Point Never remix of Computer Vision was pretty great, Meredith features an irresistibly beautiful piano sample, and Wash is a forward-moving ambient track with a consistent beat which allows one to understand where the title of the track comes from. Asura also did this remix of Beyonce’s UPGRADE U which I highly suggest checking out.

Oneohtrix Point Never: Computer Vision (Anenon Remix)

Anenon: Meredith

Anenon: Wash

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