21 Apr 2011


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Kayla had told me not too long ago that she was putting together a new video for my favorite Chicago dream pop band BIGCOLOUR (the music of Brian Brissart) and it’s finally here. I’m pretty stoked on this video, Kayla no doubt has a knack for creative visuals. In addition, the song itself gives the notion of the blissful change from spring to summer.

BIGCOLOUR – Somnambulist Bop from Kayla Kane on Vimeo.

01 Feb 2011


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Quite honestly, I haven’t stopped listening to Bigcolour since I watched the creatively-directed video for Bigcolour’s hauntingly beautiful track Red Silk Bow by Kayla Kane. I even played a track from Bigcolour’s “Centuries of Summer” album for a guest DJ set I had on WNYU‘s New Afternoon show with Jenn Pelly. Now, Bigcolour needs your help, and are starting with a cool way to help them raise money for their LP release. Purchase their new track for $5 and every 10th person will get a free copy of their record. Details from their Facebook page below:

Sooooo starting tomorrow afternoon’ish, we’re going to initiate a kind of ‘kickstarter’/'fundraiser’ type of deal to help towards funding our first release on vinyl. Tomorrow we’ll be putting up a single mp3 from the next joint at www.bigcolour.bandcamp.com for $5, and to every 10th person that makes a purchase will receive a FREE copy of our next LP, due in late March/early April (all shipping expenses will be covered, international orders included). We would really really appreciate anyone so gracious & beautiful enough to help us achieving this jumpstart for our next release, and to whom the ? ‘s will flow like essays on eastern Indonesia. We’ll post again when the mp3 and everything is ready to download tomorrow, ThAnKzzz!! ???? (single cover art by Jordan Vouga)”